WPI Event Registration

Hidden Note
1. Create your event in Salesforce and make note of the Event ID.
2. Clone this template form, and then in Properties (above), change the name of your new form to the name of your event. Save!
3. Do not make changes to the form itself. If the fields that exist on this template do not suit your needs, you will need to use another template.
4. Activate the Salesforce connectors by opening Connectors (the little plug icon on the left), click Configure and then click Enable and Save. Do this for both connectors. Do not make any changes to the connectors.
5. Edit your form Notifications as necessary. As a reminder, the email confirmation for the user should be a text email (the HTML version requires HTML code). Be sure to save your Notifications work.
6. View the live form - not preview - using the eye icon on the left. Once on the live form, add ?event= and the Salesforce Event ID number - hit enter to refresh the page and your live form should be displayed in front of you! Ta da!
7.  Use the URL of the live form (with the ?event=EventIDNumber) as your registration form URL on Drupal and in emails.
Hidden Values
NOTE: This whole block is hidden on the user side. Do not make changes to it - this data connects your form to your event in Salesforce.

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NOTE: Do not make changes to this little code down here - you need it to pull data from Salesforce into your form.
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NOTE: Do not make changes to the fields in this section.

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Primary Information

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NOTE: Do not make changes to the fields in this section.

 Guest Information

Credit Card Payment Information
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NOTE: Even though this is a free event form, and you do not need these comerece fields, do not delete or change them.


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Once you have clicked submit, the form will be processing and may take a moment. If you click multiple times it is possible that it will submit again, which could result in extra submissions. If this form has commerce, there is a chance you will be charged again based on those clicks. If this happens please reach out to us at alumni-office@wpi.edu to rectify the situation. Thank you.